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With corporate scandals and greed making headlines these days, it is no wonder that the public is skeptical and suspicious of the philanthropic efforts of big businesses. Until recently, I too was a cynic – thinking that most big companies focused on nothing but profits. I’d like to share with you a recent experience I’ve had that has really impressed me and given me proof that people really do care about helping another person out.

Here is my story:

I have been working with a client for the past year helping with everything from financials, strategy and marketing. She faced similar challenges that plague many small business owners, although her challenge is unique in that she experienced a stroke a few years ago. She persisted with her business for the extreme passion and love for what she does.

Almost immediately, her financial statements revealed that she needed some help cleaning up her books so that she could gain a clearer picture of the financial health of her business. Among the many recommendations in my report, I suggested hiring an accountant and bookkeeper to help get her books up to date. I also realized that she needed a new point of sale (POS) system to better manage inventory, cost of goods, margins on products and more. At the time, she was using a standard cash register, which really didn’t do much more than tell her how much revenue was generated for each department – and that was if the staff pushed the right buttons. The challenge was that a new POS system was an additional expense that could not be justified at the time, as there were other important priorities. I really wanted to get her going however, and this was an integral piece that would provide some crucial information that could help her make some strategic decisions when purchasing products for resale.

So I decided to take a chance and write a letter to Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks. I shared with them her story and how she could use a little help to get her business back up to its potential. I asked them if they had any programs to help businesses out and if they would consider providing her with a QuickBooks POS system.

thankyouintuitA few weeks went by and I honestly had very little expectations that they would even reply to my email, but then I got a surprise phone call that felt as though I had just spoken with Santa Claus himself. Intuit had discussed my client’s situation internally and decided to send her almost $2,000 worth of POS equipment and software. Not only that, their training partner AQB Inc. agreed to provide me with some one-on-one training so that I could help implement the system for my client. I was absolutely blown away with their generosity and couldn’t believe how helpful they were along the way. When I told my client, she was so overwhelmed that she started to cry. She was extremely grateful and has been very appreciative that such a large company would be willing to help out her small business.

Intuit chose to help someone when they really needed the help even though I am sure they get many other requests. Although it might seem like a small gesture for a big company, it was an immense gesture for my client. This didn’t just mean some new equipment, this meant a new way of doing business. Better inventory management, sales tracking and reports have led to more accurate financial statements and better decisions. The system has been up and running for a couple of months now and has really made a difference in the way my client conducts business. In fact, she was so impressed with the system and Intuit that she decided to upgrade her QuickBooks software to include Payroll features and is looking forward to implementing other upgrades in the future!

THANK YOU Intuit! Your kind gesture (and without asking for anything in return) has had an amazing impact, making a huge difference for my client and her business. You have renewed my faith that large corporations do care about things beyond making a profit. I encourage everyone to like Intuit and use QuickBooks products for your businesses! They are a great company and they deserve our business. Please spread the word about this story and let’s try to get at least 2,000 likes for the dollar value of what Intuit gave my client! Everyone should know about how they’ve helped. Thanks again Intuit! You rock!

Also THANK YOU to AQB Inc. for the training. It was extremely helpful and an absolute pleasure working with you. If anyone needs training or support with their QuickBooks product, AQB is fantastic! You should check out their website:

Oh…and buy QuickBooks!! It’s awesome.

Author: Mike Granek, MBA, CSEP

Michael Granek, MBA,CSEP,PID is a successful entrepreneur and an award winning event producer with two decades of experience in the special events and entertainment industry as well as in business. Michael brings a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree with Management Consulting specialization, a Diploma in Adult Instruction (PID), and is an internationally Certified Special Event Professional (CSEP). For a complete bio, please visit:

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